Mary has battled her weight and a food addiction since she was a teenager.  She went through diet after diet only to lose weight and put it back on again.  

In 2014, Mary was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, was having health issues, and knew things had to change permanently.        

Mary had Bariatric surgery (more specifically, Gastric Sleeve surgery) at Einstein Montgomery in October, 2015.  Since her surgery, she has become an advocate for Bariatric surgery, and has encouraged and coached others through the steps.  It is a life-long process that takes hard work and dedication.      

Amazingly, Mary started exercising four weeks after her surgery and has not stopped since.  She has lost close to 125 pounds and is getting stronger by the day.  What once intimidated Mary, she now embraces at the gym.  

Mary is an Influencer for Athleta - KOP!  She firmly believes that fitness is for all ages and all stages!